Transhumanism is Eugenics.


Eugenics (Photo credit: gennie catastrophe)


Like it or not ye worshippers of science who think you’ve got no religion, your newest catch phrase and hope for the future is based in the most foul stench of eugenics.

It’s all okay, really, especially if you’re a government type – the person who either believes what he or she is told, or is too scared to NOT do that.  You see, there’s a eugenicist on the board of commissioners of the FDA, so it’s not like eugenics is exactly on the outs with the US Government.

Don’t believe, I don’t care.  Do your own research and get on back to me with how Julian Huxley didn’t invent the word and concept, and how he wasn’t a eugenicist. Go read his brother’s books, and dream on.

I’m here for you.  I really am.  I’m the person who exist to wake you up from your brainwashed reams of dreams in this world of lies.