Twelve Gauge Shotguns For Deer Hunting.

A Remington 870 Wingmaster 12-gauge shotgun, t...

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So far as second amendment rights go in the United States of America – they are not related to hunting.  The second amendment rights are relative to militias, and you, citizen, have the right to own military grade weaponry in order to defend yourself from rogue police departments under the influence of a corporate controlled government of tyrants, foreign invaders, criminals, and anything else that might wonder your way so foolishly.

The people have the right to rise up against state or federal forces – that’s what the second amendment was all about.

Hunting was never mentioned – the idea that people had the right to own firearms for hunting was and is so beyond obvious as to be insulting to an American to suggest otherwise.

Another major issue in this nation is that people probably eat too much meat, and the meat that they do eat comes from capitalist corporate meat farms where all manner of hormone and drug is used – rendering the meat not as safe for consumption as the FDA would love for you to believe that it is.

You’ve got the right to hunt and collect free range meat.

Another thing, since the idiotic mammon loving ranchers killed off most of the wolves, should folks stop hunting deer, we’d face ecological disaster due to the over abundance of large herbivorous deer.

Of course you can use a high powered rifle, but in a thick brush environment a twelve gauge shotgun using either slugs or buckshot could well be the preferable weapon.

If you can find and handle a ten gauge, well buddy, go right ahead.