I’m a rural Texas native from the North East of the Lone Star State.  I disregard most anything mainstream or “fashionable” in favor of things that are more traditional, and have stood the tests of time.  I love my area of the world – but that doesn’t mean that my mind doesn’t wander far and wide.

I am very proud to be an anti globalist, and an activist against the activities of any large corporation involved in globalism, global government, and corporate fascism. I will never accept that any idea, meme, or thought imposed upon the masses through corporate media has any value, merrit, or grain of truth within it.

Avoiding corporate products may be impossible – but choose wisely and vote with your dollars.

Qutie literally, I hate that mass media and the banking system has been monopolized by the birds of the same feather so much that I’m not certain how to express it.  I hold that nothing of value is implied or imposed upon us all by those persons – and I think everyone in the world would benefit from never consuming mass media in any way.  I’m also positive that were trade and barter systems used instead of federal reserve currency – that we’d all prosper more, and the one percent much less.

I don’t know how else to say it, but it’s my job in life to be the guy with the well thought out, and extrememly unpopular opinions about things.  It’s just my job…


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  1. Totally agree with your point of view.. the sooner we all realize that corporations need to be banned and their profits nationalized the better off we will all be.. I’m trying to find a movement that encapsulates that point of view.. still looking.. ;o)

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