Current Events

This is a 7 minute video.

The Open Carry vs Concealed Carry position is flawed.
Registration leads to confiscation. Any kind of registration. A permit to purchase is registration. A permit to carry concealed or otherwise, is registration.

There may be a fairly long time period in between registration and confiscation, measured in years. That does not defeat the premise, as history has proven time and time, again.

Germany implemented national gun registration in the 1920s. The Enabling Act allowed Hitler to project dictatorial powers. He used the gun registration lists, in 1938, to first disarm and then to exterminate his enemies, primarily the Jews. A lot of people say we are living current events that are much like Germany of 1939.

Here is a nice summary of the last 100 years… They WILL Kill You

And, from the white house… Shocking W.H. Statement ~ ‘Wise to kill Americans’


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