Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Radio Liberty, 2/6/09

Gaylon Ross, author of Who’s Who in the Elite? states:

“One of my dearest friends is a member of the Japanese royal family, and she’s written a couple of books. And she said in one of her books that the Rockefeller family in 1998 was worth 11.48 trillion, with a ‘t’, trillion dollars.”

Dr. Stanley Monteith responds:

“I believe it. But of course, the American people honestly believe that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the richest men in our country. And…that’s what you’re supposed to believe. You believe what you read, and most of it is a lie.”

Listen to interview from Radio Liberty archives

Date: 02-06-09
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Dr. Dennis Cuddy
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Jim Marrs – The Fourth Reich

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