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Death as Entertainment ~ Bill the Butcher’s Blogspot

Now that the last embers have stopped glowing, and the last wisp of smoke has dissipated in the winter air, it’s perhaps time to take a look at the phenomenon of the Hunt for Christopher Dorner from the viewpoint of psychology.

In the course of this article I shall make the following assumptions, for convenience only, and not because I necessarily believe in their factuality:

First, that Mr Dorner is dead, and that – any claims to the contrary – the corpse found in the charred cabin was his. In fact, for the purposes of this article, Mr Dorner’s continued existence or otherwise is irrelevant.

Second, that the people who were alleged to have been killed by Mr Dorner were actually killed by Mr Dorner. Since this article is, basically, about the public psychological reaction to Mr Dorner’s alleged…

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