Richard Dawkins once herded a few cats. Paving a road to hell with good Intent…

His call fell deaf on one species.


Depending on the continent (in some cases – continental region) it is known by different visual aspects, and, by various names.

In my region – North America, it is known as the cougar, or, “mountain lion.” However, in Southern-most regions of North America (Namely, Florida), the same species feline wears a black coat – and is called by “Panther.”

Further down…into the South American continental region, another variation of the same species is camouflaged with large black shapes against a jungle spotted with sunlight peeking through the rich Jungle canopy. This is the territory of the stealthy Jaguar. The Panther hails from this rain forest, too. Interestingly, in the sunlight, a keen eye will see Jaguar markings in a Panther’s night black coat.

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