American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

A new “public/private partnership” (see definition of fascism) brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Citi bank and Visa and the CIA front organization USAID is pushing a new institution called the “Better than Cash Alliance” which will basically create a cashless society across all of Africa and 3rd world nations around the world. The endgame of this is to use RFID chips implanted under people’s skin which will be used for all means of transactions as well as other interesting little benefits for the developing global corpocracy.

In one of the books of Cloud Atlas, The Orison of Sonmi-451, such a chip exists in the dystopic new world described by Mitchell. It’s referred to, with no small measure of irony, as your “Soul” (in the Randian view, this is your soul) and it holds the key to not only your…

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