Steubenville, Ohio – Where High School Football Is More Important Than The Rape Of a Child.

You know, it has bothered me my entire life.  I always knew when I was in school here in Kaufman, Texas; that football was more important than education.  I just couldn’t grip it properly, you know, I couldn’t come to terms with it.

If I’d have ever bothered to speak it, I’d have been told I was just damned wrong.  I wasn’t wrong.  I know truth, truth is something you can feel, you don’t need verification from “authorities.”

Well, apparently Steubenville, Ohio is a place very much like, but rather worse, I hope, than where I grew up.  I never knew of stories like this from my hometown.  Oh sure…we had football coaches that “touched” some young women, and I’ll always remember the one that was out of town the very day he tried with the daughter of a guy I’ve always known around here.

It was lucky for the man who left town that he did.  He’d have hung, and he’d have deserved it, in my mind.

Well, in Steubenville, Ohio, there are graphic images…and even a “RAPE TEAM,” you know, a team within the football team, a team of rapist…who are proud of what they do.

That is how it goes, isn’t it?  When you are a town revenue generator…you can rape things, women even, and the town will look after you …because they love their revenue generating rapist more than they love some poor girl, drugged, and from out of town.




There you are, there are two of the young men on the “rape crew.”  You can pretty well figure for yourself what they are doing.


Here is what I ask of you.  I ask that you share the link below.


But in case you won’t bother, I’ll provide incentive….or…the meat of the story.  I’m a WordPress ignoramus  so the videos won’t post.

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The Steubenville Files

Posted on January 1, 2013

On August 27, 2012 two members of the Big Red High School football team in Steubenville, Ohio – USA were arrested and charged with the rape and kidnapping of an out of town 16 year old girl that took place on August 11th. At the time of this gang rape, the girl was intoxicated and unconscious. The victim had been intentionally drugged with a “date rape” intoxicant. She was photographed and video was taken of her in this condition, and there is evidence that she was hauled in a comatose state to multiple parties – and almost certainly raped by more members of the local high school football team than just the two players who currently stand charged. There is even evidence that she was urinated upon during this hideous assault.


Despite all this, it looked as though a town rife with corruption, cronyism, illegal gambling  and fixated upon their star high school football team (a major economic revenue engine) were prepared to orchestrate a major cover-up in order to sweep the entire affair under the rug. As this disclosure will document, this cover-up was perpetrated by people in the high school administration, local government and law enforcement.

– Enter Anonymous –

On December 23, 2012 a cell within Anonymous called “Knight Sec” took up the cause of giving a voice to the victim of this horrible crime, and began unraveling this conspiracy of silence designed to protect a group of these high school football players who had become well known to their fellow students as “The Rape Crew”. Fueled by intelligence they had received from many students at Big Red High School, they launched Operation RollRedRoll by releasing this video. Take careful note of the various screen capture images of pictures taken by these monsters of this poor defenseless girl, and note their many comments made in tweets and Facebook posts regarding their crime (now since deleted).

– James “Jim” Parks –


Mr. Parks is an avid fan of the Big Red High School football team, and is the webmaster and owner of a private fan site for the team. Knight Sec zeroed in on James Parks when intelligence from students in the high school revealed that he had an exceptionally close relationship with many of the players on the football team, including those members of “The Rape Crew”. Anonymous quickly took control of his web servers, and proceeded to deface the front page of his website. Knight Sec then when a step further, and gained control over Mr. Parks private E-Mail account, and downloaded much of it’s contents. Among the many interesting things discovered in this trove were several pornographic images of extremely young women, quite possibly underage. One particularly difficult to explain image lifted from James Parks E-Mail is this picture, which appears to show a scantily clad under-age student. It would seem to have been surreptitiously shot in the girls bathroom at the high school.


Tips received from anonymous high school students in Steubenville have indicated it is possible James Parks was receiving images from “The Rape Crew” of their various “conquests”. At least one of the images discovered in James Parks E-Mail bore a striking resemblance to another rape victim Savannah  Dietrich whose attack occurred in Louisville, Kentucky under similar circumstances as Steubenville. We now release the entire E-Mail cache that was liberated by Anonymous and offer it for download and analysis:

James “Jim” Parks E-Mail Files

WARNING: This Zip File Contains Pornographic Images

– Sheriff Fred Abdalla –


Sheriff Fred Abdalla has been the Sheriff of Jefferson County in Ohio USA for 28 years and has stood for election unopposed (with only one rare exception) for his entire career.  In this video interview taken at the recent Anonymous organized protest that took place on December 29, 2012 you can clearly hear Sheriff Abdalla admit that he is aware from evidence gathered that numerous individuals witnessed the attack on the victim and yet he oddly states that simply being there and being aware of the attack is not a crime. This is of course completely incorrect, as witnessing a crime and failing to report it is in itself a crime – and under certain circumstances can even be equated to the charge of conspiracy or being an accessory.  Certainly having been a law enforcement officer for nearly three decades, the Sheriff knows this fact. Sheriff Abdalla also states in this interview that he has nothing to do with the investigation, yet states that he assisted the local police department in hunting down people who attended these parties at which the girl was attacked and confiscating their cell phones and other electronics.  And finally he states,  again incorrectly – that he CAN’T investigate the gang rape attack or whether or not this has happened to other victims because it is not his jurisdiction.  As almost everyone knows, the Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in a county and has jurisdiction over ANYTHING in that county. Under constitutional law, his authority even trumps that of the federal law enforcement agencies in his own county. Watch the video, and make note of the points above – this man is lying:

LocalLeaks has confirmed that Sheriff Abdalla and Head Football Coach Reno A. Saccoccia have breakfast a couple of times a week together at the Spot Bar in Steubenville. Recall that per Sheriff Abdalla’s own admission in the video interview above, it was he who was tasked with retrieving the cell phones and other electronic gear from the football players and other students involved in the gang rape of the young girl. In the process of this operation to retrieve the cell phones, several KEY pieces of video and photographic evidence were “inadvertently” deleted by the Sheriff and his deputies. And finally, Sheriff Abdalla runs the largest illegal gambling operation in Jefferson County – employing bookies who work out of the Spot Bar as well as other establishments in Steubenville. Sheriff Abdulla’s brother is the largest importer of cocaine in Jefferson County. His brother was also a teacher, that is until he was caught having sex with a student and was fired.

– Prosecuting Attorney Jane Hanlin –


The Honorable Jane Hanlin is a Prosecuting Attorney for Jefferson County and the mother of Big Red football player Charlie Keenan, who is suspected of being a member of “The Rape Crew”. Jane Hanlin represented Edward “Eddie” Lulla in a civil legal matter this summer (spending a great deal of time with him). Mr. Lulla is an agent for the BCI who was sent by the State of Ohio to lend oversight to the rape investigation in Steubenville. Not surprisingly, the State of Ohio found everything to be going smoothly. In addition, “Eddie” Lulla’s son was recently chosen to join Steubenville Police Department out of a pool of three candidates. When ranked, his son was not the first candidate. It is crystal clear why Mr. Lulla was unable to find anything wrong with the current investigation (which is being conducted by SPD) into this horrible crime.

When the family of the victim went to file the charges, Jane Hanlin was present. She strongly discouraged them from filing. Hanlin frightened not only the victim, but the parents as well. Telling them that her name was going to be dragged through the mud, she will be in and out of court for well over two years, the press wouldn’t leave any of the family alone once the crime was made public. Scared out of their wits, the parents said they didn’t want that and Hanlin then said not to worry just leave it up to her and the detectives on the case.

It appears that Prosecutor Hanlin doesn’t just cover for her own son, either. In May of 2012, Ed Wilson a Steubenville Big Red football player and two other unknown individuals shot out the windows of 14 vehicles in Steubenville. Despite being arrested, and confessing to the crime – he was never sentenced or made to pay restitution. The case was handled by Jane Hanlin’s office. Prosecutor Hanlin also testified as a character witness for Branko Busick, a former SHS football player. Specific charges were armed robbery and he was charged in Morgantown, WV. Busick was essentially an “enforcer” for the team, usually employed to collect on illegal drug debts. Hanlin claimed she was testifying as a private citizen but several references were made to both her position and her husband’s in the Steubenville PD. One of the Big Red football players by the last name of Redman, whose position on the team is running back – lists his official address on his school records as the Hanlin residence. Does this player live with the hanlins? Or is he actually an out of town student who is lying so he can play on the team?

Prosecutor Hanlin also remained on the Steubenville City School Board even after receiving notice from the Attorney General’s office this is improper. Her first husband is Charlie Keenan, former SHS principal and star athlete in his day.

– Head Football Coach Reno A. Saccoccia –


Head Football Coach Reno Saccoccia is the very heart and leader of this criminal conspiracy of silence designed to protect these young football players not only from the consequences of their many crimes, but seemingly from any responsibility in life that would in any way detract from their athletic careers. His close personal relationship with everyone from the high school principal to Sheriff Abdalla have served to make this mere football coach one of the most powerful people in Steubenville. Reno Saccoccia’s sister in law, Marguierete Clark – is the secretary for the juvenile court Judge Kerr. Coach Saccoccia is actually employed as a mediator in juvenile court system! Coach Saccoccia’s motto to his boys is: “lie till you die”. The moment he became aware of the gang rape he attempted to hold off sheriff deputies when they seized the telephones and other electronic items belonging to the perpetrators, meanwhile encouraging his “boys” to delete everything.

But Coach Saccoccia’s regime doesn’t just extend to protecting these boys from the dire consequences of serious criminal activity. Mr. Saccoccia has wielded his considerable power to form a sort of social and academic bubble of protection around these boys in order to insulate them from even the most basic daily responsibilities faced by any other high school student in Steubenville. The students in the classes at Steubenville High School are carefully segregated. Football players take their exams separate from other students, and they are allowed and even encouraged to cheat. The teachers assist the players in cheating on state tests, and this results in a 100 percent pass rate by all football players on these exams.

And finally, this regime goes beyond mere protection. Big Red Football Players are rewarded for their athletic prowess with a carefully moderated system of vice. Assistant Coach Pierro handles this aspect of the “program”, allowing the boys to view porn on his computer – and even providing drugs and alcohol to those who are “extra” deserving. Pierro is assisted in his seedy duties by none other than James Parks, profiled above. The drugs for the boys “entertainment” are supplied by known local drug dealer Nathan Hubbard, who is also a patron of the Spot Bar in Steubenville from which he is known to peddle his poisons. The “date rape” drug used to knock the victim of the gang rape unconscious was supplied by this criminal with the knowledge and consent of Parks and Pierro.

– The Den Of Iniquity –


The Spot Bar is located at 217 South 4th Street in Steubenville, Ohio. The Spot Bar has been owned by Joe DiAlbert since 1977. This establishment is the physical home base for the “Old Boys” network that is the heart of the cronyism and corruption in Steubenville. We know that several of the conspirators profiled above meet there several times a week. But this seedy and disreputable establishment is far more than a simple meeting place.

The Spot Bar is the prime watering hole, and “working office” of the drug dealer Nathan Hubbard, who is the primary supplier of illegal narcotics to the Big Red football team. But he is far from the only drug dealer working this choice selling spot. The Spot Bar is well known in the community as the “go to” place to purchase illicit drugs, and is serviced by a number of well known dealers in Steubenville. Given the predilection of certain law enforcement officers from both the Sheriff’s department as well as SPD to frequent the Spot Bar, one has to assume that there is some level of protection being granted by law enforcement in Steubenville for this underground drug market. And finally, deserving high school football players and other under-age students are allowed to drink illegally especially after hours.

One big question that might come to mind when studying this disclosure would be, why? Why this elaborate conspiracy just to shelter and protect a high school football team? The answer is as old as humankind, MONEY. Not only is this football team the very epicenter of social life in this otherwise sleepy little mid-western town, but it is a huge economic engine in the community – generating millions of dollars in economic activity, tax revenue – and income in the form of hundreds of jobs. But not all of the economic activity generated by this football team is legitimate. One of the biggest and most popular revenue streams connected with the Big Red football team is gambling. And the Spot Bar is worked by several of Steubenville’s biggest “bookies”.

While the Spot Bar is by far the most popular, it is not the only “den of iniquity” where this type of activity takes place. Another local business that caters to Big Red fans and players is the Triple Play Cafe in Steubenville. It’s a confirmed fact that underage high school students are in this establishment often. They host an event on Wednesdays during the football season and then allow anyone regardless of age to stay after close to drink and hang out. Its also reported by eyewitnesses that the owner let’s young underage girls in just so he can hit on them. Smoking in doors is supposed to be banned by law as well, but after 10:00 pm everyone can smoke in this place. One of the biggest gambling “bookies” working these “dens of iniquity” is Joe Cucarese, the cousin of Prosecutor Jane Hanlin.

– The “Rape Crew” –


It is important to state at this point in the disclosure that not all of the Big Red football team are rapists or criminals. In fact, the vast majority of young people involved with the team are good, honest and hardworking athletes simply trying to do the best they can. The focus of this investigation has centered upon a very small group of miscreants who are known by their peers and fellow students as “The Rape Crew”.

Now, the very fact that this core group of criminals within the student body are known by this moniker should set off alarm bells for everyone. This entire investigation has centered around a single rape victim and assault that came to light this summer. But you don’t get a name like “Rape Crew” from a single incident of gang rape committed upon a lone victim. One thing is certain, there ARE more victims out there. One of the chief aims in exposing and bringing to justice the participants and beneficiaries of this conspiracy is to embolden, encourage – and empower these other victims to come forward and seek justice.

Trent Mays: Was a sophomore and a quarterback for the Big Red football team at the time of this brutal crime in August of 2012. He was originally charged as an adult with rape and kidnapping, and held in custody. He has since had the kidnapping charges dropped, the rape case moved to the juvenile court system – and has been released on bail. Trent Mays is the son of Brian Mays former football coach at Cadiz and Indian Creek who was removed from Indian Creek staff for having girls alone in locker room with him.

Malik Richmond: The only other member of the football team to remain charged. Richmond was also originally charged as an adult with rape and kidnapping, and held in custody. Like his co-defendant Mays, he has since had the kidnapping charges dropped, the rape case moved to the juvenile court system – and has been released on bail.

Michael Colin Nodianos: A former Big Red baseball player, and clearly an avid and full participant in the “Rape Crew” – Nadianos was videoed along with several other students, some of whom appear to be Big Red high school athletes and perpetrators of this horrible crime. In this explosive video, Nadianos goes on for over 12 minutes describing the crime in great detail and confessing to his full participation including raping the girl at least once himself. In addition, Nadianos implicates several other members of the “Rape Crew” in the attack. Local law enforcement had been advised of the existence of this video, but claimed they could not retrieve it. This video was obtained by the Anonymous Cell “Knight Sec” and turned over to LocalLeaks. The video was shot so soon after the attack, that one person present becomes disgusted and actually leaves to go check on the condition of the victim. It is important to also note that despite this strong evidence, Nadianos has yet to be arrested or charged in this brutal attack.

WARNING: This Video Is Extremely Disturbing – Viewer Discretion Is Advised


Michael Colin Nodianos Confession – Original Video Source Download

A student by the name of Evan Westlake taped this video. Fellow students Shawn McGee, Niko Murray and Anthony Craig also appear in the video in the background with both Murray and McGee not happy with the topic and pissed at Mays. It should also be noted that a hunting rifle with a scope is clearly visible on the floor beside Nodianos during his drunken rant.


Michael Nodianos is 18 years old and is currently a student at Ohio State University. As the video above shows all too graphically, this young man is a sociopath and needs to be in prison not living it up on a scholarship at college.

Charlie Keenan: Charlie is the son of the County Prosecuting Attorney Jane Hanlin and a member of the Big Red football team. He is also a well known member of the “Rape Crew”. One of the parties to which the unconscious victim of this horrible crime was dragged to took place at the Hanlin house.

Cody Saltsman: Saltsman was originally charged in the gang rape. After a private back-room meeting at Naples Pasta House restaurant in Steubenville between Saltsman’s father, the Sheriff – and a certain Mr. Teramana (a wealthy Steubenville resident) – Cody Saltsman’s charges were mysteriously dismissed. Saltsman is a former boyfriend of the victim of this attack, and it appears there is quite a bit of bad blood between them – adding a layer of vengence and viciousness that may explain the raw brutality of the attack upon this girl. Saltsman is perhaps one of the most repugnant individuals the LocalLeaks staff has ever encountered. His posts on Twitter and other social media show him to not only be completely callous regarding the horrendous abuse that he and his friends meted out upon their defenseless victim, but show clearly that this young man is an extremely dangerous sociopath who truly needs to be incarcerated.



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  1. I’m sure there is some way to blame the victims, isn’t there? I mean surely it was the clothes they wore or their pretty make-up that induced the poor, innocent young boys into committing acts of complete horror…they most certainly can’t be responsible, right? Maybe they were all drunk…which of course, excuses the boys but makes the young girls immoral sluts in the eyes of society and MSM. >.<

    Stories like this make me so mad I can't even see straight. UGH!

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