The Erimtan Angle

A look at the conflicting reports about who’s behind the 14-minute anti-Prophet Muhammad trailer that’s sparked violent protests in the Middle East (13 Sep 2012).

Meanwhile, the rage goes on and on and on . . . so, here is the trailer causing all these diverse Muslims in the Middle East and beyond to shout and protest.

The atrocious clip has led to a lot of mayhem, as recounted by Anne Sewell in the Digital Journal: ‘Protests and outrage are now spreading to Lebanon and Iran, and continue in Yemen and Egypt, over the film “Innocence of Muslims”, released on YouTube, which insults the Prophet Mohammed’.[1]  Going into detail, as follows: ‘Lebanon: On Thursday [,13 September), in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, several hundred people have rallied, and are burning both American and Israeli flags, in outrage over the American-made film mocking Islam’s prophet Mohammed. In Sidon…

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