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WW~Notes: According to Dr. Rebecca Carley the US Military Industrial Complex has weaponized rabies possibly even into aerosol delivery.

Posts on Godlike Productions, Educate-Yourself and News With Views are now questioning if this has actually happened.  I have their comments below for my readers.   

Did we just witness the Beta Test in FL and Maryland?

Rabies…from the root word meaning RAGE.

Rabies is a virus and its presence in humanity dates to the Babylonian Empire…it has been around since history was recorded.

Hear the following audio interview of a doctor that goes into detail about the WEAPONIZATION of Rabies…delivery system is Aerosol transmission, i.e. Inhalation Transmission Rabies:

Part 1

Part 2

WikiAnswers asserts that Rabies is THE most deadly virus there is, with a 99.9% fatality rate of those who have rabies. “If you are strictly seeking out which virus kills the highest percent of people who contract it…

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