Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir calls for ban on Halliburton – USA Today 5/17/08


US confirms KBR Nigerian bribes – UpstreamOnline 5/9/08


KBR driver caught with child porn, fired, rehired, and caught with more child porn – AP/Houston Chronicle 5/9/08


KBR earns $98 Million in 1st quarter, exceeding expectations – Bloomberg/Houston Chronicle 5/2/08


Martial Law Inc: KBR – Global Research 3/5/08

Details on KBR’s – former Halliburton subsidiary involvement in genocide, concentration camps and war-starting since the 1940’s


KBR workers in Iraq stole weapons, gold, antiquities – Houston Chronicle 4/28/08

EXCERPTS: “Warren leveled her allegations in early 2004 after being reprimanded by a supervisor for giving water to Iraqi workers laboring in a sweltering laundry building when their own water supply was undrinkable. Warren said the supervisor reminded her she had signed a confidentiality agreement and then threatened her by suggesting an American woman “wouldn’t…

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