The Erimtan Angle

The situation inSyriais not always what it seems . . . Are outside interference and foreign-backed terrorists to blame or is it a simple case of an oppressed population finally rising up against a dictatorial regime???  ‘On Satuday,12 May, huge masses of people and official figures escorted the ‘martyrs’ who were killed by the terrorist twin blasts which hit Damascus last Thursday, 10 Maym from al-Othman Mosque in Damascus. After prayers, the bodies of the martyrs were covered with the Syrian flag and carried on shoulders amid the masses of people who expressed their condemnation of the terrorist acts committed by the armed terrorist groups. The people were chanting pro-Assad Slogans. They chanted against the Emir of Qatar Hamad, against the king of Saudi Arabia and against many others who are supporting terrorism in Syria’.

(12 May 2012)

The above video was provided by the SyriaTruthNetworkEN on YouTube. Below is…

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