Pragmatic Witness

I was hesitant about posting these videos but finally caved because the information provided within is more important than the messenger. 

In these six videos from 2009 Alex Jones interviews elite billionaire Kevin Trudeau and most of the dialogue is about his association with the rulers of the world including, i.e., Monaco’s Prince Albert and members of Bilderberg. 

According to Mr. Trudeau this globalist cabal refer to themselves as just “The Brotherhood” for lack of a better description.  In addition, Trudeau outlines what these psycopaths are most afraid of and that they want two-thirds of the “dumbest” people erradicated from the planet.  Wonder how they are going to approach that problem?  Do the “dumb” people all live in one area?  Obviously, this is absurd and insane thinking.  

What they are most afraid of is you paying off your debts such as mortages and closing credit cards, deciding to shop…

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