Pragmatic Witness

From the moment that the news came out about a new “underwear bomber” in Yemen that supposedly was now targeting American civilian aircraft by using explosives that were now “undetectable” by the American back scattering radiation full body sensors, I and others smelled a rat.   The timing of this latest fraud of a terrorist threat was way too obvious, especially when more and more Americans were turning against the groping TSA criminals in their own airports that were making their lives a living hell, and making air travel a nightmare.  

Well, now it definitely seems that the criminals behind this latest “terrorist” fraud have been caught red handed.  According to this new article from the website: “Breitbart” at, these fraudsters have been forced to admit that this latest “underwear bomber” was a CIA informant!   First, here is that important article for everyone to read for themselves, and I do…

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