Global Oligarchy Wants YOU SICK And ON Big Pharma Dope! Feel Better And Profit!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt there is a massive global oligarchy machine that wants you to feel, literally, like shit.  They put poison fluoride in you water exactly so that it will calcify your pineal gland, prevent it’s natural function, and cause you to become depressed.  From there it is only natural that you buy heavily into the health insurance machine, and succumb to big pharma psych med poisons.

Reverse Osmosis filtration or well water will solve that – but there are hundreds or even thousands more environmental and social toxins working against you, and the global oligarchy has forever hired the best and the brightest, and debased them in the ways of Henry Kissineger, so that it is known exactly how to deal with you, forever towards controlling you, and enslaving you mind, body and soul.

There are many ways to overcome this – none of them will be fashionable – for fashion is what is sold to you in mass media, totally monopolized lot of filth that, and totally a part of the global super corporation that seeks to enslave us all.

The best things you can do towards health are to never take psych meds, consume anything the FDA pushes in mass media, and to never use federal reserve currency.

Barter systems profit everyone but the vampires of the masses – and exercise and doing things that humble the soul profit more than just the wallet.

WALK!  Pick up aluminium cans!  Sell them! NEVER report that income, and never sign anything BUT I DO NOT CONSENT on any IRS tax form – do you want to be a party to murder and oppression, global pollution, and be another cog in the machine?



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