Eliminating Toxins From Our Diet.

In the USA we know some things for certain, and one of those things is that the FDA under Obama and Michael Taylor, exist to approve foods from corporations that are overly filled with toxic chemicals.  We know the overly dominant reasons for this – illness.  We all have to eat, and so much the better for the corporations should what we eat make us ill, and lead us to taking FDA approved medicines that will not heal us, but will keep us ill.

It is all in the name of profit, of course.  A wicked man long ago realized that he who controlled the food supply controlled the people, and it shouldn’t surprise you at all that the man was a member of Hitler’s upper echelon Nazis, a Nazi German CEO of the corporation that produced the gas used to kill millions of Jews.  How surprising is it then that the notion of filling the drinking water with fluoride then came from the Nazi death camps?

When I was a child I acted like a child and I enjoyed childish things.  What child didn’t love a soda?  Well, today Soda is off my list, and it has been for some time.  I’ll never drink that waste again.  With almost every American soda, you get stuffed to the gills with High Fructose Corn Syrup made from toxic Monsanto cancer corn.


Oh you drink diet soda?  That is even worse – Donald Rumsfeld made twelve million dollars pushing the toxic aspartame on the citizens of the new world order.  I’ll cut my own throat before I spend another dime towards something the Donald Rumsfeld had anything to do with.

Drinking sodas seems innocent enough – and that is exactly what made it such a fine target for poison.  Water is absolutely necessary, and that is what made it the perfect target for the desecration of your pineal gland, and your uncanny desire to find yourself depressed.

Once you can rid the fluoride from your body, you can flush those psych meds down the toilet where they belong.




8 comments on “Eliminating Toxins From Our Diet.

  1. I don’t drink soda, so that’s no problem. But all I do drink is water. How do I find fluoride-free water? And yes, I have depression but, I do NOT take drugs for it.

  2. Believe it or not Aquafina is actually fluoride free. I buy RO water for home and to keep at work, but I also did a fair amount of research before finding out that aquafina does NOT put fluoride back in the water after they filter it with RO. There are several companies that use RO, but they put the fluoride back in. The other water I found to be fluoride free is FIJI water. Hope this is still the case, I haven’t looked in over a year.

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