These fries were featured in my April 2012 Food Network magazine.  I knew I had to make them but, when my friend Jenna posted about craving french fries I knew I had to post it quickly!  (Knowing her pregnancy cravings may move on to bigger and better things ;)). 

What better day to make them than hubs b-day (yesterday) since yes, he wanted burgers and fries.  Of course, he went with plain old salted (and a few dashes of Tony Chachere’s creole spice) fries and I had the delicious alley fries.  His loss.  Poor man doesn’t know what he’s missing.  *Shakes head*. 

These fries are made at Ten Pin Alley and Spikes bowling alley in Hilliard, Ohio.  Chef Andy Shelley achieved the perfect balance by marrying two classic fry add-ons, cheese and vinegar.  Not your typical neon orange cheese sauce and malt vinegar.  These hand-cut fries come topped with melted gouda, a…

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