Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

Maurice has been in prison since 22nd December. On remand. But without any charges in writing. There had been a warrant for arrest for him and he was arrested when he was attending a hearing for the Musas whose six children were stolen by Haringey Council, after he had been helping them as a McKenzie Friend.

Since December, he has been trying to apply for bail, while attempting to proceed with his other litigations. However, he was

  • more or less forced to accept legal representation
  • sufficiently outraged to go on hunger strike for these reasons strike:

a) I have been refused the right to apply to any Crown Court  (Wales or Bristol) for bail in the past six months  – why? CPS/Police have to be tape recorded as to why they oppose bail and they have no valid reason.

b) I have had adjournments from (the Bristol court) for…

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