We are not traditional when it comes to Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.  Though I do like the traditional meals, we drifted away from those years ago, mainly due to complaints from my dear husband.  He didn’t want turkey (no matter who cooked it) because he had enough turkey.  What?  You have it once a year!  Apparently that was too much for him.  So, my Mother-in-law and sister-in-law (and myself) switched things up and the non-traditional was the new tradition. 

We usually go to my MIL’s for Easter but, she made other plans this year.  Yay!  No offense to my MIL but, we really don’t like driving 2+ hours there, visiting for a few hours and driving 2+ hours back…on a Sunday.  It feels like you’ve had no time off.  So, we were grateful to be home and the weather was nice enough to be able to grill out.

John (hubs) gets lucky twice in April…

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