I’m always looking for new appetizers.  I like making them for get-togethers but, sometimes I can just make them to take for lunch a few days in a row.  Maybe that’s strange but, that’s how I roll 😉  This is definitely not a “new” appetizer but, one of my all-time favorites.  If you haven’t had these, you must have a party (even if for one) and whip up a batch of these morsels of love. 

My friend Kathy used to make these when she had poker parties.  I don’t know how I ever played cards because I was always in the kitchen eating.  Or maybe it was my game plan all along.  Eat and let everyone else drink, then slide into my chair and start playing poker.  Act like I’m confused at the game and get everyone to “up” the ante because they think they are going to take my money…

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