Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

The Law is only as good as the integrity of those entrusted to administrate it.

Maurice sprayed his insight on the wall of his veterinary surgery in Guernsey, over twenty years ago.

When I last spoke to him, he seemed less willing to believe in ‘the right judges’ and ‘the right politicians’ being able to ‘sort things out’ such that The Rule of Law rules again.

In my analysis the Rule of Law and the Rule of Money have undermined people’s thinking and their values to such a degree that it is safe to always assume the worst, for people are ‘just doing their job’ – the only explanation I could find for myself to rationalise what had happened in Nazi times.

Now we are seeing how Police, Prison officers and, above all, Social Services are ‘just doing their job’, i.e. following other people’s orders.

The orders come from employers…

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