Four Letter Word

“It’s amazing what you can do with an anomaly.”

Instincts, which where humans are concerned is a metaphor for whatever it entails—biology, sentience, gestalt, etc.—are spot on:  love someone (and likely more than one) right down to the ground.  Problem is that folks deal with this using themselves as an improperly criticized and sole point of entry, without considering that they’re dealing with an entire planet full of diverse individuals, for whom the same magic (your own) is quite understandably not going to work across the board.

People don’t make distinctions in their relationships with others.  People do not understand how to make distinctions; instead they assume everyone is interchangeable in relation to themselves.

When things go wrong, instead of making distinctions—instead of trying to understand anything about who they’re ACTUALLY dealing with in any given relationship in terms of that specific and unique relationship—folks often just chalk it up…

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