Bohemian Tangents

As the Supreme Court gets ready to nix “Obamacare” (or at least some components of it) as unconstitutional, I want to lay out in simple terms the basic system of American “health care” for profit. It starts with the indulgent instant-gratification lifestyle of Americans, who eat mass-produced comfort, junk, and fast foods loaded not only with awful things like trans fats and refined carbohydrates such as high fructose corn syrup, but thousands of artificial additives, chemicals that may be detrimental to humans despite classification as “generally recognized as safe”.

The next lifestyle contributor is the digital revolution, being connected to the digital stream, living online, being glued to one’s personal digital device. Sitting in one place for 6 or more hours has been shown to be bad for cardiovascular health. The saddest aspect of this, to me, is seeing a whole generation of fat kids who rarely play outside anymore…

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