– The Troll Kingdom

A lot of people who do this web page creation or article marketing thing discover, submit a link or two there thinking that it’s a great place to backlink from, and then they find out the obvious.

Reddit is nothing but a juvenile delinquent’s troll paradise.  It’s a place where a picture of a cat’s ass is voted up a million times, and should a biologist submit something about a cat, it’s voted down into the abyss.

Seriously, Reddit is good for a laugh pretty much always, but most of the laughs on that site are mean spirited stupidity, and nothing more than insults from cowards who are enjoying the safety of being out of range.

Hey, if you just miss being in junior high that much, is the place for you.


2 comments on “ – The Troll Kingdom

    • No, just done with Reddit. I liked the site, and played by their rules up until they started burying my links.

      Also, they seem to practically encourage people to act like dicks. It’s the safety of being out of range that I call “cowardice,” or just being a internet troll. That’s just what Reddit is – a place where people mostly act like children.

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